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Candid Divorce is dedicated to providing unfiltered insight into the world of divorce, custody and all things family law.

This is not the spiritual healings of a divorce guru leading a singalong of Kumbaya.  It isn’t the latest and greatest easy-divorce “snake-oil” alternative.  Nor is it a divorce hack’s guise of expertise to land a retainer.  This is straightforward advice and opinions from a covert divorce attorney.

Gram Harris, Esq. is the pseudonym of a family law practitioner providing a raw view into the world of family law.  Through anonymity, Gram is able to give blunt advice and no holds barred insight other practitioners will not provide.

Gram has spent nearly a decade practicing family law.  He is an authority in domestic relations, having spoken before hundreds of family law attorneys, judges, and experts, and has also been widely published in the field and received distinguished awards for his advocacy.  He has resolved hundreds of cases, from high-profile divorces with estates in the tens of millions to pro-bono custody battles, both amicably through and through scorched earth litigation and everything in between.

You can reach us at info@candiddivorce.com.

Disclaimer: I am not your attorney.  The suggestions, opinions, and content herein are not to be considered legal advice.  The laws governing domestic relations vary from state to state.  Every family law situation is unique and requires specialized and individualized advice from an attorney.  No attorney-client relationship is created by reading this blog.  The thoughts, advice, opinions, and commentary herein should not be relied upon as a substitute for competent legal representation.


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