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After a year of writing, Gram’s first book, But Who Gets The Big Green Egg?:  A Candid Look At The World Of Divorce, has finally come to fruition.

But Who Gets The Big Green Egg? is a darkly humorous narrative of the absurd world of practicing family law.

This is not a “how-to” divorce guide or a business card disguised as a book.  Through anecdotes, wit, and amusing stories, Gram shares the wild, wacky, and downright weird that comes with a divorce practice. 

For those going through a divorce, the book may shed some needed levity on your situation as you realize perhaps you aren’t going through the worst divorce in history. 

For those who’ve been through a divorce, you may relate to some of the tales or recognize your ex in the horror stories within. 

For attorneys and law students, it may cause you to hit your knees and thank God for your own practice.  

For anyone else who enjoys humorous polemics, enjoy.    

But Who Gets The Big Green Egg? is being readied for publication.  Please join our mailing list to receive updates on the book’s progress and to be notified when you can order.

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